Spring Training in Florida

March 26, 2015

Tim and I just got home from Florida on Tuesday night. We visited Tim’s brother that lives in the Ft. Myers / Naples area and attended a couple Cardinals spring training baseball games. We haven’t been back down to Florida since our mini-moon, so it was really nice go back!


Roger Dean Stadium / Jupiter
Our first full day in Florida, we drove two and a half hours to Jupiter to watch the Cardinals play on their spring training home field. We tried to get there early enough to see the players on the practice fields, but we just missed them. We read that we’d be able to watch them up until 30 minutes before the game, but they were done close to 90 minutes before. That was pretty disappointing. So instead, we stopped by Jumby Bay across the street for a bite to eat before the game.

The stadium holds roughly 7,600 people and is shared with Miami Marlins. There’s next to no shade cover at the stadium, which would have been nice because the temps were hovering right around 90 degrees with little wind. However, we won with a walk off hit in the 9th inning.

FL_SpringTraining_2 FL_SpringTraining_3 FL_SpringTraining_4

Jet Blue Park / Ft. Myers
We didn’t go down to FL with tickets to this game, but Tim was determined to go to a second game. So even with rain in the forecast, we went ahead and bought some last minute cheap tickets on StubHub to watch the Cardinals play the Boston Red Sox. I’m pretty glad we did because it was such a difference experience!


The Jet Blue Park stadium is a kind of like a miniature Fenway, complete with it’s own Green Monster. The street outside of the stadium gets shut down and there were tents set up for food and drink vendors and a live band. Our tickets were for standing room on top of the Green Monster, which had a great view of the whole stadium. Unfortunately, a downpour rain did happen halfway through the fifth inning and the game was called. Thanks to StubHub’s event cancellation policy, we were refunded our money. The Cardinals were up 2-0 when the game was called so we’re just saying that we got to see two winning games ;).

FL_SpringTraining_7 FL_SpringTraining_6 FL_SpringTraining_8

The Jet Blue stadium opened in 2012, so the practically brand new stadium was really nice compared to the Cardinal’s stadium in Jupiter. We both liked the atmosphere outside of the Jet Blue stadium, too. I heard that the Cardinals plan on doing renovations to their stadium after this spring training season, so that should be nice! It was pretty fantastic to go to these smaller games with a much more relaxed environment—no metal detectors and being able to get so close to the players.  As someone who’s had to learn to be a Cardinals fan, I thought it was a lot fun and would definitely do again. It was great to see so many Cardinal’s fans at both games!



Birchbox – March Review

March 16, 2015

I had a three month subscription to Birchbox last winter and wasn’t wowed by what I received so I stopped the subscription. (Since then I’ve gone back and rediscovered a few items I received and have really liked them!) Now a year later, I’m more open to trying a variety of beauty brands and products so I started the subscription back up. I’m going to stay subscribed for a coupled more months and then reevaluate if it’s something I find valuable enough to continue. This is only the second box I’ve received and so far I’m more happy with it.

BB_March_1 BB_March_2

This month’s theme was “creativity” though I’m not sure how creative these products are or that they’d make me feel creative. However, I am happy overall with what I all received.


Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray: I think I may have just discovered my new favorite dry shampoo. I don’t use dry shampoo a ton because I hate how it makes you look half grey, but this goes on CLEAR! It has a great lemon scent and did give me volume. I’ll definitely use this.

Roloxin Lift Revitalizing Facial Treatment: These two one-time use treatments are worth $22, which is great for the overall value of my $10 box. I would like to think my 27 year old face doesn’t need a wrinkle treatment mask, so while I think this is a good value, I’ll most likely give this to my mom to try out.

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint: This product surprised me a bit. It’s fairly thick for a tinted moisturizer, almost like foundation. The color I received matches my skin tone and I liked the matte coverage well enough. I’ll probably throw this sample in my purse and use for any needed touchups.

Fekkai PrX Reparatives Intensive Fortifying Masque: I have never tried a hair mask before so I’m pretty excited by trying this out. The winter really did a number on my hair. This brand is sold at Target so if I liked it well enough and wanted it right away, I could run to the store vs ordering online.

Smashbox Cosmetics Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer: I love getting lip products in any box. I received the coral color, which I really like. It also seemed to stay for a good amount of time without drying out my lips.

I didn’t feel like adding up the value of my box, but the Roloxin product alone doubled the value of my box compared to what I paid. I hope that as it gets closer to summer, they’ll start including more summer related products like facial sunscreens or texturizing sprays.


Everyday Moments

Caught My Eye No. 4

March 13, 2015

It’s raining again today. Seems to be March’s theme. So I won’t feel bad sitting inside all day where it’s nice and dry. This weekend though…pounding some pavement.


• This article about What 2,000 Calories Looks Like just reiterates my thoughts on how eating home cooked meals are better.

• I take the winters off from running outside because I’m basically a wuss, but this guy…go him!

A dog body sledding is the best video I’ve watched all week.

• This article, 4 Roles a Designer Should Take On, was a great read for myself and is for any other designers.

Three home trends I want in my kitchen.

This is me. Seriously. I got excited earlier this week when I saw that my credit score went up. However, I don’t agree with #6—massages weird me out.

These tourism ads for Nebraska are pretty great. However, NO ONE sits in a truck trying to sell fruits and veggies on the side of a country road. They go to town for that.

• And lastly, this ballet performance is INSANE! I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.




March 12, 2015

I have this weird fascination (more like obsession) with monthly subscription boxes. There are so many! I only subscribe to three boxes (though there’s several more I’d like) because those subscriptions add up quick. So I thought I’d start reviewing the boxes I get! One of those boxes is Stridebox. I’ve been subscribed to Stridebox the longest (roughly a year) and it’s also my favorite.


“StrideBox is a fun and exciting way to discover running products and accessories. Each month, as a member, you will receive a curated box of apparel, accessories, and nutrition products to fuel your training sessions, workouts, and races.”

So for March’s box! They always include a card with all of the products listed out and a short description and price. Another thing on the card that I love is that they tell you at what point in your workout the product is meant for—before, during and/or after.

SB_March2 SB_March3

Arena Sciences Ice Cubed Cooling Towel: The #1 reason why I love Stridebox is because I get exposed to brands and items I’ve never heard of. This product falls in that category and I’m pretty excited to try the towelette out this summer. Missouri’s summers = a hot, humid mess for three months.

Stretch Strap: I need to be better at stretching on my off days, so I’m going to keep this with my other fitness items to remind myself. A stretch strap was really helpful when I was in physical therapy this past fall for my knee injury.

Untapped Pure Vermont Maple Syrup: This product I was a bit confused by at first—Is it an energy gel? Is it syrup for pancakes? Turns out it’s definitely pure maple syrup and definitely for energy during workouts. I’m super intrigued by this!
Certified organic

Health Warrior Chia Bar: I haven’t jumped on the chia bandwagon, but I certainly don’t mind trying products with chia seeds. This bar is small, but still a good size for a quick snack. The mango flavor was subtle, but good.
Gluten Free, Vegan

Honey Stinger Energy Bar: Honey Stinger is a favorite brand, so anything by them is more than welcome. Peanut butter is also one of my favorite flavors, so this bar is a big win to me.

Bonk Breakers Energy Chews: Another brand and flavor I really like! Energy chews are my go-to for long runs and sprint triathlons, so I love getting them.
Gluten Free

SOS Hydration Drink Mix: I’m not huge on sports drinks during activity, though I certainly like them after. (My stomach gets upset and I will get ridiculously thirsty so I normally stick with water.) The citrus flavor means this will definitely get used.

Extra: 40% off coupon for compression socks and sleeves at PRO Compression.

The box is $15/month (no shipping charges) and you normally get 5-8 items. This month’s box had $20 worth goodies, which I believe is about average. Past non-edible items I’ve received includes: a water bottle, lights for my shoes, shoe laces, light up arm strap, athletic wear detergent, water bottle holder/handle, chapstick, tech gloves and other things I’m forgetting.

Since I didn’t run much this winter, I stock piled the items from the past few months so I’m excited to start trying everything out!


PS…I didn’t receive commission for this post. It’s just something that I love and want to share!

Our House

Our Bedroom

March 6, 2015

Our bedroom is THE room I’ve never been happy with in our house. It was painted this awful green color for three years, had terribly mismatched furniture and has just never felt welcoming. The room size is on the small side, but I kind of enjoy that. Makes it feel more cozy and intimate. We don’t spend a ton of time in there so it’s not like we need an overly big room. However, I would like a closet that could hold both mine and Tim’s clothes. The joys of owning an older home.


Tim’s favorite color is green, which is why we originally painted it that awful green. But after three years, I couldn’t take it anymore and repainted it. Wanting to keep green in the room, I then brought in navy, white and dark brown for the furniture. Speaking of furniture, we had been using Tim’s nightstands and dresser from his high school days. I will admit that they were solid pieces of furniture…just quite unsightly. The bed frame was one of our first home purchases together, and we still both love it. I’ve always wanted a big, masculine headboard like that. This picture was a direct inspiration for the lamps and pairing white nightstands with a dark bed frame.

With the room’s small size, I wanted to keep things on the minimal end…not much on the walls or decorative things sitting on the dresser. I want it to feel more open. The small room also prosed a problem with the rug. Technically it’s too small for the room, but the next size up would have been too big so, I went with the smaller size. I like it, so whatevs.



I once read that every room should have a plant, something black and an antique. I got two of those items, so it counts. I’m also struggling to keep that tree alive so it actually got moved for the winter. I think the room was too cold for it.



Above our nightstands we have one of my favorite weddings photos and the lyrics to our first dance typed out. I don’t like to hang photos of us in the house, but I love seeing these in the bedroom everyday.




Eventually the ceiling fan will be replaced and adding an organizational system to the closet. So not having it “right” the last few years, I finally feel like it’s how we’d like it.


Bed: Philips Furniture  /  Dresser: West Elm  /  Nightstands: Overstock  /  Curtains: West Elm  /  Lamps: Walmart  /  Mirror: West Elm  /  Rug: Rugs USA  /  Plant: Home Depot  /  Plant Basket: IKEA  /  Landscape Print: Emily Jeffords  /  Paint: Valspar Montpelier Madison White 

Everyday Moments

Caught My Eye No. 3

February 27, 2015

It’s Friday! Remember that Rebecca Black music video?  Watch it and now have it stuck in your head for the rest of your life.  You’re welcome.


• I’m anxiously awaiting this canvas print to arrive for our bedroom. Then I’m calling our bedroom officially finished.

• We don’t live in my dream home (it probably doesn’t even exist), so I really like this article about important things to remember about living in your current home.

• Arguing with your significant other sucks, but it happens. It’s part of life. So keeping these things in mind can help. For me it’s: “…you’ve got to learn how to lose an argument.” I’m bad at that.

• There’s a lot of people in my life turning 30 this year. (Yay not me!) So I found this article of 35 Life Lessons to Learn the Closer You Get to 3o pretty great. Most are simple, but relevant ideas.

• I wish this and this portfolio were mine. You know, because I’m a graphic designer.

• And lastly, my sister and her boyfriend came down a couple weeks ago for Mardi Gras. St. Louis has the largest celebration in the country behind New Orleans. It wasn’t quite like last year, but it was still a good time.

The fact that March is in two days has me excited…so over this winter.