My 30 Before 30 List

I’ve been inspired to create my own “30 Before 30″ list. I’ll be updating this list and linking to posts about completing each one as I get to them! Some things may be a bit lofty, while others will/should be fairly easy to cross off.

1. Go to Australia and New Zealand!
Click to read —> Completed 10/2013!

2. Pay off my student loans
Completed Winter 2016!

3. Travel back to Europe
Click to read —Completed Summer 2017!

4. Re-learn screen printing and create a series of prints

5. Hot Air Balloon Ride

6. Take several domestic trips.
(Technically done, but want to still keep visiting places! I have been to Florida, Colorado, Nashville, Los Angeles, Idaho, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and Austin)

7. Skydive

8. Work on a design project that gets published in a magazine comparable Communication Arts

9. Go to a design conference

10. Participate in an at least one organized endurance event each year
So far, so good!

11. Try skiing or snowboarding
Click to read —> Completed 03/2013!

12. Get my grandparents to tell me more to about their lives growing up and their experiences

13. Get really, really good at baking. To where I could be a “freelance” baker on the side.

14. Find my perfect shade of lipstick and wear it out often.
I have found several lip colors and products I like and wear, but not sure if any of them are “the one.” Search continues.

15. Go vegetarian for a short time (a month or Lent maybe??)

16. Become more familiar with my sewing machine and actually use it.

17. Meet up with Tim in another city while he’s there for business.
(This was completed when I flew out to Idaho, but I would like to do more!)

18. Make jam from scratch Completed September 2014

19. Start my own personal portfolio website rather than having it hosted on a site like Behance
Click to read —> Completed Winter 2014!

20. Actually put my motorcycle license to use and take rides

21. Take a ballet class

22. Design some sort of cook book. It doesn’t have to be part of my professional career necessarily. I will do it on my own time and print it myself.

23. Be able to get rid of a huge chunk of my wardrobe and start completely over.
Slowly working on this. Gave up shopping for a year, so now I’m working on building a “grown up” wardrobe.

24. Grow my hair out long enough to where I can donate it when I get a major cut
Click to read —Completed September 2014!

25. Go camping. Not like party camping where there are real bathrooms. Like “pee in the woods & lock away your food” camping.
Click to read —Completed 5/24/2013!

26. Attend a multi-day music festival in another city. We went to Austin City Limits!
Click to read —> Part 1 / Part 2

27. Get my conceal and carry

28. Host a dinner party

29. Start a family
Click to read —January 2017!

30. This spot is reserved for the last year of my 20′s to add any last item I may have not thought of but would like to do.

Here goes nothing!


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