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The Pesky Door

May 20, 2015

So the door under the basement stairs has been an issue for probably two years. The idea was to always have an angled door under the stairs so we could make use of that area for storage. Well, we certainly made use of the area but the door was put on hold for a variety of reasons…

– Tim wanted to rip the whole area out, rebuild the wall and put in a normal door. I said no.

– The way the wall and doorway was built, the hinge had to be on the outside. Well, I didn’t like the idea of a silver piano hinge on the outside of the door.

– We couldn’t agree on how to or where to put trim around the door without the trim being an issue when the door is fully opened.

So yeah, there were some discussions and a couple disagreements, but we finally landed on a solution. It’s not perfect, but it’s what we’re considering finished.

The top pointed corner was previously creating some issues, so we stuck a triangular piece there to square it off. We also had to build out the right side a bit more for everything to be even and allow space for hinges.


We were originally wanting to do something like this with a track system for a storage, but realized it was over our skill level. So we opted for stackable shelving from the Container Store instead. I must say that I’ve been happy with them, too. Getting to things has been much easier now. After searching for white hinges from, what felt like, every store out there, we found some at Menards. So we worked on filling everything in, painting and installing the trim. It’s barely noticeable, but the trim has a small bit cut out of it at an angle to allow the door to fully open.

StairCloset3 StairCloset4 StairCloset5

The one main thing we need is a way to keep the door shut…whether that be a magnet or something else on the inside. It stays shut for the most part on its own, but my cat has figured out how to get the door open and likes to hang out in there.

We technically have ONE last project with the never ending basement remodel, but it’s at the bottom of the steps in the stairwell area. Well, I guess two projects if you count installing some sort of railing, but that’s basically at the bottom of our list of things to do around the house.

So there’s our pesky door. It almost killed us to get done, but I’m sure Tim appreciates that I’m no longer nagging him about it.


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