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Surprises are the Best

December 10, 2014

So I have to admit before I get into the post that I don’t like surprises happening to me. I just don’t. However, I like surprising other people. Which is exactly what I did last weekend when I flew back to Nebraska to surprise my mom for her birthday.

A couple months ago I go an email from Southwest about a super awesome sale happening. I had no intentions of booking a flight for anything in the near future, but I checked out the sale anyway. That’s when I saw that I could fly roundtrip for $90. 9-0 dollars! I haven’t been able to do that since freshman year of college when Southwest used to be cheap. Knowing my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary party was also happening sometime around then I called my dad. Who then had me call my aunt. Who then had to ask my grandparents to move their party, come up with an excuse to tell my mom and reschedule the photographer who was going to take family photos at the party. All so I could fly home and surprise my mom.

My sister was able to snap an amazing photo of my mom’s face when she first saw me. I won’t put that picture up, but it basically looked like this…


Best face ever.

I think I’ve only come home and surprised my mom one other time since moving to St. Louis, but I may have to do it more often after seeing her face. All of the family knew, so I was a little surprised when no one accidentally spilled the beans! The rest of the weekend was spent seeing friends and family I hadn’t seen since June. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only two weeks away and I’ll be making my way back up there again. Which means I need to finish my Christmas shopping!


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