March 12, 2015

I have this weird fascination (more like obsession) with monthly subscription boxes. There are so many! I only subscribe to three boxes (though there’s several more I’d like) because those subscriptions add up quick. So I thought I’d start reviewing the boxes I get! One of those boxes is Stridebox. I’ve been subscribed to Stridebox the longest (roughly a year) and it’s also my favorite.


“StrideBox is a fun and exciting way to discover running products and accessories. Each month, as a member, you will receive a curated box of apparel, accessories, and nutrition products to fuel your training sessions, workouts, and races.”

So for March’s box! They always include a card with all of the products listed out and a short description and price. Another thing on the card that I love is that they tell you at what point in your workout the product is meant for—before, during and/or after.

SB_March2 SB_March3

Arena Sciences Ice Cubed Cooling Towel: The #1 reason why I love Stridebox is because I get exposed to brands and items I’ve never heard of. This product falls in that category and I’m pretty excited to try the towelette out this summer. Missouri’s summers = a hot, humid mess for three months.

Stretch Strap: I need to be better at stretching on my off days, so I’m going to keep this with my other fitness items to remind myself. A stretch strap was really helpful when I was in physical therapy this past fall for my knee injury.

Untapped Pure Vermont Maple Syrup: This product I was a bit confused by at first—Is it an energy gel? Is it syrup for pancakes? Turns out it’s definitely pure maple syrup and definitely for energy during workouts. I’m super intrigued by this!
Certified organic

Health Warrior Chia Bar: I haven’t jumped on the chia bandwagon, but I certainly don’t mind trying products with chia seeds. This bar is small, but still a good size for a quick snack. The mango flavor was subtle, but good.
Gluten Free, Vegan

Honey Stinger Energy Bar: Honey Stinger is a favorite brand, so anything by them is more than welcome. Peanut butter is also one of my favorite flavors, so this bar is a big win to me.

Bonk Breakers Energy Chews: Another brand and flavor I really like! Energy chews are my go-to for long runs and sprint triathlons, so I love getting them.
Gluten Free

SOS Hydration Drink Mix: I’m not huge on sports drinks during activity, though I certainly like them after. (My stomach gets upset and I will get ridiculously thirsty so I normally stick with water.) The citrus flavor means this will definitely get used.

Extra: 40% off coupon for compression socks and sleeves at PRO Compression.

The box is $15/month (no shipping charges) and you normally get 5-8 items. This month’s box had $20 worth goodies, which I believe is about average. Past non-edible items I’ve received includes: a water bottle, lights for my shoes, shoe laces, light up arm strap, athletic wear detergent, water bottle holder/handle, chapstick, tech gloves and other things I’m forgetting.

Since I didn’t run much this winter, I stock piled the items from the past few months so I’m excited to start trying everything out!


PS…I didn’t receive commission for this post. It’s just something that I love and want to share!

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