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Stridebox – Sept ’15

September 20, 2015

Over the summer I had decided that I wouldn’t be doing any fall races this year. I wasn’t going to have the time to devote to training because I’m traveling quite a bit and am gone almost every weekend until Thanksgiving. Fall races are the best, so I was a bit bummed.

Well, somehow I got talked into signing up for a 15K run in December. At just over 9 miles, it’s a distance I’ve done before, just not during the winter. I was actually thinking about doing another 12 races in 12 months like I did a couple years ago, so maybe this will just be the jump start of that.


GoMacro Macrobar: I love getting snack bars in Stridebox. This is a mini size at 0.9 ounces, where a normal bar is 2+ ounces. I can’t find this specific bar online, but I liked the PB & chocolate chip flavor.
Value: $1.00
Vegan, gluten free, macrobiotic, certified organic, non-GMO

Everlast Fuel: A powder mix with antioxidants, amino acids and electrolytes in a citrus flavor.
Value: $1.35

Ryte Fuel: Protein powders are another favorite item to get in my box. However, this one doesn’t quite meet the standards I have for protein powders. It’s only 15 grams (I prefer 20 or more), and the carbs : protein ratio isn’t quite there either. I still think it’s a good low-cal protein powder choice to add to smoothies.
Value: $4
Whey protein, non GMO, no artificial sweeteners/colors, gluten free

Sneaker Balls: I would have never even thought of purchasing something like this, so I love that these were included! The box smelled good before I even opened it. One ball is going into Tim’s soccer bag.
Value: $5 / 2-pack

Clif Organic Energy Food: A new offering from Clif, this product is geared towards long-duration activities. It’s a liquid that’s made of real food. I got the banana beet with ginger flavor, which I’m super intrigued about. This could come in handy for the 15k I’m doing or for triathlon training.
Value: $2.30
USDA organic, gluten free

Sweat X Sport Detergent: I think this is another great non-edible addition to the box. The detergent’s formula is designed to remove sweat smells, tough stains (mud, grass, clay, blood) and harmful bacteria.
Value: $3.40

Met-RX Electrolyte Gummies: Gummies are my go-to item for longer training days, so I love this being included. The dark cherry flavor is one I could get on board with, too.
Value: $1.80
gluten free

Calsura Calcium Supplements: Each packet contains two tablets that get dropped into your water, giving you 50% of your daily requirements of calcium and vitamin D. The packaging also mentions magnesium.
Value: $2.50 for the trial 3 pack
No added sugars, colors or preservatives

This Stridebox is one of my favorites. There was such a great variety of products included with this month’s box, and I will use every item. I can’t recommend Stridebox enough for active people!


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