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Stridebox – Nov ’15

November 25, 2015

With the holiday season (aka “eating lots of food season”) starting now, I’m going to have to be good about getting out and running or even getting my bike set up on the trainer. Insert Stridebox delivery full of goodies and it’s a match made in heaven.

(I completely missed doing a review of October’s Stridebox because life was so hectic, but to be honest it wasn’t one of my favorite boxes.)

Chocolate #9: A two ingredient gel in Chocolate Agave flavor. It says to be “slo-burn” energy and is the only certified low glycemic energy gel on the market. I’m iffy on gels, but I’m normally good with chocolate ones–it’s like dessert!
Value: $2.00
Vegan, low fat

Fuel 100 Electro-bites: These guys are calorie and electrolyte replacement bites. They’re a great alternative to bars, gummies and/or gels. They were “designed specifically for endurance athletes to help extend training and improve race performance.” Can’t wait to try these out.
Value: $2.00
Gluten free, soy free

Four Points Nutrition Bar: I LOVE getting nutrition/snack/protein bars in my Stridebox! These bars are created from raw, natural ingredients like plums, figs, apples, nuts, seeds, etc. I received the apple cinnamon flavor, which is perfect for fall. A lot of times raw bars have a weird texture, but this one didn’t. It was chewy and quite filling, though.
Value: $3.00
Made with raw ingredients

CogniTea Energy Tea: I’m a hot tea drinker in the winter, so I also like getting tea samples. This tea is suppose to help clear your mind and focus, and has mint flavor. Perfect to use while at work.
Value: $1.25

GU Energy Chews: Stridebox sent GU energy chews back in May, and I’m totally okay with getting another flavor to try out! I love gummies. I’m a bit unsure about the salted caramel apple flavor, but I’m excited to try out anyway.
Value: $1.30

Volvo Vitamins Energy Drink Mix: Adding powder mixes to your water is such an easy way to get an extra boost of vitamins, minerals, energy, etc. I love it when I we get two flavors (citrus and berry) of a product to try, too.
Value: $2.00 ($1.00/each)
All-natural, no: artificial flavors, sweeteners, dairy, soy, gluten, sugar

Water Resistant Shoe/Gear Bag: This is one of those items that I would never think of buying, but is great to have. The bag expands a ton—I could easily fit shoes, nutrition items and even a rolled up shirt. Great for throwing stuff into after an event or trail running. I do wish the handle was a bit sturdier or thicker, though.
Value: $10
Similar bag on Amazon

Compared to October’s box, this was a great improvement. I really liked the variety and the new-to-me products. I have some longer runs coming up with my 15K race quickly approaching in a few weeks, so I’m pretty excited to try some of the items I got this months.


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