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Stridebox – May ’15 Review

May 14, 2015

I’m fully into triathlon training mode, but it’s been a bit of a rocky start with storms being a consistent weather pattern so far this month. Either way, I always look forward to my Stridebox and being able to give everything a try.


Glukos Energy Gel: This is a new (to me) product. It’s a concentrated energy gel, but feeling the pouch it seems more like a liquid sports drink. I’m not super fond of gels, but I could get on board with something like this. Even though it says caffeine free, it claims to have 2X the energy 2X faster. I’ll give an update on that after using.
Vegan, HFCS free, gluten free, caffeine free, soy free
Value: $2

Tiger Balm Pain Relieve Patch: This patch provides temporary relief and comfort for sore areas. I like the idea of the patch vs a gel that has to be rolled/rubbed on. I could have actually used this a few days ago when my one calf was screaming after running hills! They get great reviews online, so I will definitely keep this in mind when I’m sore.
Value: $1.40

Vita Perk Vitamin Coffee Boost: This powder mix is flavorless and is to be added to coffee or smoothies. It boosts 15 vitamins and minerals for on-the-go people. I’m really bad at taking my daily multivitamin, so this is something I could see myself using since I’m a coffee drinker. Sadly, my sample spilled everywhere in my box, so there wasn’t much left in the pouch.
Value: $0.71

Osmo His & Hers Hydration Mixes: I always appreciate getting more than one flavor of an item, so I was happy to see two of these mixes! “Hers” is orange flavored and “his” is blackberry. Each formula is suppose to match the appropriate physiology it’s meant for so that’s interesting.
Value: $2.66 ($1.33 each)

Bounce Natural Energy Ball: I love getting snack bars like these in my Stridebox! The cacao mint flavor is a huge win for me. It also looks like this product is fairly new to the US market, but I’m seeing them available at REI. However, for the packaging claiming to be a “protein bomb” there isn’t as much as protein as I would expect. I prefer to see closer to 20 grams (vs just 9 in this) and less sugar. All that aside, I will be eating this.
All natural, gluten free, GM free, whey protein
Value: $2.30 

GU Energy Chews: Formally known as GU Chomps, the packaging has been redone to make single servings more convenient. You get four good sized chews in the new packaging, versus eight before. I love this because the former packaging was a pain to deal with while in motion running or cycling. So I can’t wait to try it out.
Value: $1.30

Massage & Recovery Ball: I’m always curious as to what non edible item is going to be in the box. I don’t have a foam roller, so I’ll sometimes grab a tennis ball and pinpoint areas. So while I love the idea of including something like this, I just wish this ball was firmer. I do like the spikes on the ball! Though, I’m not sure I would pay the price listed on the card. You can get a tennis ball for just a couple of dollars.
Value: $7

I feel like this was a pretty average box. I was getting low on drink hydration mixes so getting some is great, but I have more gels than I know what to do with. This was a lower value box of just over $17, but I don’t subscribe expecting a crazy good value. I truly get excited about discovering and trying products in the box. And then telling people about it.


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