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Stridebox – Jan ’16

January 16, 2016

Hello new year! 2016 is getting off on an interesting foot. We’ll see where this year goes. I’m signing up for a trail half marathon slated for May. I believe this is the inaugural race for this particular one. I hadn’t planned on doing a half marathon this spring, but a trail one? Sure, why not!


Bite Fuel Granola Tail Mix: I really like this addition! I often eat Greek yogurt as my mid-morning snack so this will be perfect to add. It has 10 grams of protein with each serving.
No: soy, GMOs, trans fats, preservatives, corn syrup

Liquid I.V.: Hydration mixes are a staple in Strideboxes, and always welcomed for me. This new product claims to use Cellular Transport Technology to deliver hydration 2-3X faster.

3M Reflective Shoelaces: Backup shoe laces are always a great thing to have on hand.

Run Gum: Run Gum was featured in a previous box and I loved it! I was chewing some when I set my new 1 mile PR this summer. This flavor – cinnamon – is new. I don’t love cinnamon flavored gum, but that probably won’t stop me from using this.

Picky Bars: Stridebox can send me all the Picky Bars they want because I love them. Ah, Fudge Nuts! sounds like a flavor I’m going to love.
Vegan, No: Gluten, dairy, soy, GMOs

NoGii: This is a new-to-me product. It’s a pocket-sized treat with 9 grams of protein. I love snacks like this that I can throw in my purse or in my desk drawer.
Gluten free

Mixer Ball: I received an email saying there was going to be a little something extra in my box this month. It turned out to be a mixer ball. Great for helping mix up protein and hydration shakes.
Value: $3.00

I think the first Stridebox of 2016 is really great. I loved that it had more snack products. Being winter, slacking on the nutrition front is easy to do. So these snack are much better options to have around.


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