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Stride box: Dec ’15

December 12, 2015

I’m having a hard time believing it’s December. I went for a run this morning and it was 60 degrees out! I wore shorts! The weather here as been so weird lately. Less than a week ago I was wearing cold weather gear. It is the midwest after all. I’m doing a 15K race tomorrow. I’m not going for a specific time, but instead to just enjoy the race and have a fun time. Next year though…it’s on.


Bonk Breaker Bar: I love the Bonk Breakers brand. This salted caramel flavor is new for the energy bar lineup and I’m really excited about chowing down on this. It has 330 mg of electrolytes in the bar and made with pronounceable ingredients.
Value: $2.00
Gluten free, contains nut products

Glukos Energy Gummies: Stridebox sent Glukos’ energy gel/sport drink back in May, so now I’ll get to try the gummies. Gummies are my favorite, and they’re fruit punch flavor. Win for me. It claims “2x energy, 2x faster” so we’ll see if it’s true! These gummies recently made the 2015 Runner’s World Gear of the Year list.
Value: $2.00
Vegan, No: HFCS, artificial sweeteners or colors, dairy, soy, gluten, caffeine

Hammer Energy Gel: A great staple brand/product for active people. You can take it straight from the package, or even mix it with water if you don’t love gels.
Value: $1.20
Gluten free, vegan

Sword Drink Mix: This is a newer brand to the market created by two guys looking for a better, more effective hydration product. It gets great reviews. I designate one of my bottles to a drink mix when I cycle, so this will be great to try out.
Value: $2.25

LED Light Up Shoe Heel Clip: I love that this was included. With limited daylight hours during the winter, you need ways of being seen. This light can either be continuous/solid or flashing. I haven’t tested it out yet, but it will great for anyone behind me.
Value: $10.00 (Similar ones go for $10-25 on Amazon)

Sant Superfruit Beverage: This is a new product that consists of dried fruit that you drop into your water. You can let the fruit infuse overnight for a cold beverage, or instantly in a hot beverage. The garcinia indica fruit claims to have 5x more antioxidants than kale, promotes digestion, improves sleep, strengthens your heart and several more benefits.
Value: $.90
Organically grown and sun-dried

Hex Performance Laundry Detergent: Laundry detergent developed to eliminate odors in sports equipment and tech clothes. I like using sport specific laundry detergent with my active clothing because I feel like it works better, so I really like this being included. It has a money back guarantee when you buy a full sized pouch.
Value: $.35
No dies or perfumes

I loved this month’s box. It had a great variety of products and brands (as usual). The shoe clip and detergent are great additions, too. I would highly suggest Stridebox as a Christmas gift any runner or cyclist in your life. It has been my favorite subscription box ever.


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