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February 22, 2015

I’ve made a few purchases since my 1 year of no shopping ended. For the most part, they’re items on my wish list or something I actually needed. And of course, a few other items sprinkled in.


1. Pants—I picked up a pair of navy jegging pants and they’re seriously my new favorite pair of pants. Normally I have a hard time with the LC brand, but these fit amazing. Not sure if these were the exact pair I picked up, but they’re super darn close. Black jeans were also purchased.

2. Trench coat—I have been searching for a trench coat for a couple years now and absolutely love the one I found! It’s good quality, nice weight and its waist area is more defined so it fits really nicely. J. Crew Factory changes their prices quite a bit, and I was able to snag it 50% off. Oh, and it arrived on a hanger…fancy.

3. Brown “Leather” Jacket—To be honest, I wasn’t sure about this jacket when it first arrived. It looks pretty different when zipped up, but after trying it on a few times I dig it. (purchased here)

4. Candle—So not a clothing item, but I looove these candles. They’re the type that can make a room smell good without even lighting them. I ordered the cotton and vanilla pound cake scents.

5. Swim bottoms—Triathlon training season is quickly approaching and I needed a new pair of bottoms for swimming. You know it’s time to replace swim bottoms when the butt starts sagging.

6. Keds—Cardinal baseball season is also quickly approaching, so of course red shoes. Also great for every day wear.


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