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March 6, 2015

Our bedroom is THE room I’ve never been happy with in our house. It was painted this awful green color for three years, had terribly mismatched furniture and has just never felt welcoming. The room size is on the small side, but I kind of enjoy that. Makes it feel more cozy and intimate. We don’t spend a ton of time in there so it’s not like we need an overly big room. However, I would like a closet that could hold both mine and Tim’s clothes. The joys of owning an older home.


Tim’s favorite color is green, which is why we originally painted it that awful green. But after three years, I couldn’t take it anymore and repainted it. Wanting to keep green in the room, I then brought in navy, white and dark brown for the furniture. Speaking of furniture, we had been using Tim’s nightstands and dresser from his high school days. I will admit that they were solid pieces of furniture…just quite unsightly. The bed frame was one of our first home purchases together, and we still both love it. I’ve always wanted a big, masculine headboard like that. This picture was a direct inspiration for the lamps and pairing white nightstands with a dark bed frame.

With the room’s small size, I wanted to keep things on the minimal end…not much on the walls or decorative things sitting on the dresser. I want it to feel more open. The small room also prosed a problem with the rug. Technically it’s too small for the room, but the next size up would have been too big so, I went with the smaller size. I like it, so whatevs.



I once read that every room should have a plant, something black and an antique. I got two of those items, so it counts. I’m also struggling to keep that tree alive so it actually got moved for the winter. I think the room was too cold for it.



Above our nightstands we have one of my favorite weddings photos and the lyrics to our first dance typed out. I don’t like to hang photos of us in the house, but I love seeing these in the bedroom everyday.




Eventually the ceiling fan will be replaced and adding an organizational system to the closet. So not having it “right” the last few years, I finally feel like it’s how we’d like it.


Bed: Philips Furniture  /  Dresser: West Elm  /  Nightstands: Overstock  /  Curtains: West Elm  /  Lamps: Walmart  /  Mirror: West Elm  /  Rug: Rugs USA  /  Plant: Home Depot  /  Plant Basket: IKEA  /  Landscape Print: Emily Jeffords  /  Paint: Valspar Montpelier Madison White 

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