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April 4, 2016

I took a bit of break from this little blog / online-diary of mine this winter and it was pretty great. Not that I’m constantly posting, but it is one other thing I think about and tend to. And that takes time. So now that my schedule has hopefully calmed down, I can give this little thing more attention 🙂

• I’ve taken several trips with groups of friends–some of have turned out better than others. This is a great write-up about the topic and how to have a successful trip.

• The lace up shoe trend is one I just can’t get on board with. That also goes for the off-the-shoulders trend. Just can’t do it.

• I’ve been dying to stop into this antique mid-century store here in St. Louis. I wish I had more space so I could buy everything they post on Instagram.

Personal care post aimed at momma’s, but in reality applies to all women.

• Thinking about my return to Paris this fall.

• If only I needed a new desk chair…this would be the one I pick.

• And lastly, words to live by.


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