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Office Color Palette

January 18, 2011

I’m getting anxious to tackle the office in our house. I have the paint color picked out, but I just need to pick it up. I have the fabric to reupholster my chair, but I need to start that. I see a trend starting… But on the good side, it won’t take a whole lot to get it looking spiffy (more so than what it is now).  There’s isn’t a lot of wall space in the office [a huge window on one wall, sliding closet doors on another, and the bookcase being on another] so we don’t have to really worry about hanging too much stuff on the walls. And we have all but a couple things needed for the space. Even though there is a huge window, I may not put any treatment on it—perhaps just some new blinds or Roman shades.

The color palette is made up of a creamy white, a cool gray, deep teal, mustard yellow and a dark brown. It comes from a few existing pieces we have and a couple new that we  are wanting to get.

Roundup for the color scheme:

1. The paint color: Behr’s Porpoise 790-E Gray
2. The new fabrics for the chair I will be using to reupholster my chair.
3. Our awesome, and oversize, desk that we scored a deal on from Pottery Barn—we were able to get the floor model in the Tuscan Chestnut finish from the store at a discounted price. The desk has a good range of dark and light colors in the wood, so matching other wood furniture is relatively easy.
4. My bookcase from Target’s Avington collection in the Dark Tobacco finish.
5. Wishlist item! West Elm’s Andalusia Rug.
6. Wishlist item! A vintage world map. Tim and I both like to travel and want to use push pins to mark where we both have been and where we would like to go.
7. Wishlist item! The swivel desk chair from Pottery Barn.


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