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October Recap

October 31, 2014

Whoa, October. My favorite month of the year is already over. The month started off innocent and slow, but between work and person life, all of the sudden it was over.

• I ran my third half marathon and set a new PR of 1:54 for myself.

• I put up another Exposure story—this one of when we visited White Island in New Zealand. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since that amazing trip.

• Also, this hilarious video of kangaroos fighting in a suburb. “Come at me bro!” I think it’s hilarious that a song from the Nutcracker was used.

• Tim and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. We went out for dinner and he gave me gorgeous yellow roses. They weren’t just normal roses either—they bloomed bigger than I have ever seen in person!

• I’ve been trying to soak up as much of Castlewood as I can. It’s probably my favorite place in all of St. Louis during the fall. Trail running with fall trees is the best.


• I really hope this wearable camera that can fly happens. I would so buy one.

• We had two back-to-back wedding weekends, with our third wedding in a row coming up tomorrow. I love attending our friend’s weddings, but three in a row can get to be a lot. We don’t have another wedding until June, when we happen to know of 3 on the same day. Fun, right?

• And attending those weddings means drinking red wine, which I no longer feel bad about.

• Tim, our friend Aaron and myself attended an industry Halloween party last night with a band. I bought a new costume just for the occasion. I plan on wearing it again tonight to our friend’s Halloween party. (Tim is Forrest Gump, btw). When you get a bunch of creatives in one venue for Halloween, you know there’s going to be some good costumes.


I’m kind of okay with it being the last day of October. I’m so excited for November this year!


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