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November Recap

November 30, 2014

Holy moly. This month has been insane. I feel like the events that happened at the beginning of this month actually happened last year. How is December tomorrow?!

• The month started with our third and final wedding in a row and for the year. If three in a row wasn’t enough, we know of three couples getting married on the same day this coming summer. So, that should be fun and interesting.

• I jetted off to San Francisco for a long weekend to visit a good friend that moved out there.


• As soon as I was home and able to get my suitcase unpacked, my parents came down to visit for a long weekend. I can’t even remember what we all did. I remember some shopping and eating, which are clearly important.

• Tim was out of state for work for a few days and then headed down to Knoxville, TN for a Mizzou football game. That week here at home was nice and quiet.

• The entire city of St. Louis, and I’m sure much of the nation, watched what happen when riots in Ferguson broke out. I feel so bad for those business owners.

• Thanksgiving was a busy day. We hosted a few of Tim’s family members at our house and then headed to his mom’s side later in the day. I made several of the side dishes and my very first homemade pumpkin pie. Oh, I drank entirely too much wine.

• We ended the month with a day trip to Columbia to watch Mizzou play their last game of the season against Arkansas. Mizzou showed up in the 4th quarter and came back to the win the game. I must give my Huskers a shoutout for winning against Iowa in overtime. I’m pretty sure I got some funny looks when I got all excited about Nebraska winning, while being surrounded by Mizzou fans.


December is going to be another busy month for us. But seriously, who ever has a calm or slow December?


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