Muir Woods

November 16, 2014

The one thing I really wanted to do while out in San Francisco was to go hiking at Muir Woods. So the first full day I was there, we made our way over the foggy Golden Gate Bridge towards the national park. We managed to find a parking spot in the second lot and started off on the Dipsea Trail.

Muir1 Muir2 Muir3 Muir4 Muir5 Muir6

We estimate that we went a couple miles on the Dipsea Trail before we connected to the Ben Johnson trail and made our way onto the main Muir Woods trail that would take us down through the touristy part of the park and back to the visitor center. We think we went about 4 miles total. The hike was on the easier side (in my opinion), which is good because we forgot our water in the car. It was a really pretty hike, though I will say that the trees weren’t quite as big around as I was expecting. Maybe I was thinking of sequoias?  We only ran into a handful of people while on the Dipsea trail. It was really nice because once we got down to the main trail, there were a ton of people.

Muir7 Muir8 Muir9 Muir10 Muir11 Muir12

The giant trees were quite impressive. I loved seeing when trees twisted around each other to create one larger trunk. If I lived out there, I would definitely frequent the area to explore the fairly large trail system and the lookout points!


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