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Brewery Holiday Lights

December 19, 2014

Driving around and looking at Christmas lights has always been a favorite thing to do during the holiday season. Growing up, we’d drive around looking at the lights after church on Christmas Eve. So of course I still make Tim do this with me. Our first few Christmases together, we always drove through Winter Wonderland at Tilles Park, but the last couple of years we’ve explored other parts of town. This year we walked down Candy Cane Lane in South City and then headed down to the Budweiser brewery and walked through their light display. We actually kind of stumbled upon the walking tour at the brewery. Turns out Wed-Sun, you walk around and the other two nights of the week you drive through. Everyone over 21 gets five free drink samples, there are fire pits and heaters throughout, music and of course great lights.

ChristmasLights2014-1 ChristmasLights2014-2 ChristmasLights2014-3 ChristmasLights2014-4 ChristmasLights2014-5

Confession…I have this weird love for giant chairs. I have three pictures sitting in giant chairs, so when I saw that there was one at the brewery, of course I wanted to sit in it. Technically we were suppose to sit or stand on it (see the note in the bottom left of the picture), but I still stood on it. I would have sat on it but it was too high to get up there..and I didn’t want to get caught.

ChristmasLights2014-6 ChristmasLights2014-7 ChristmasLights2014-8

We’re actually thinking about going back because we enjoyed it so much. It doesn’t take long to walk through, but if you drink your samples slowly and sit by the fire it’s easy to spend more time there and relax a bit. Just dress warm.


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