Everyday Moments


October 8, 2010

Moments. Life is filled with them—some good, some bad, and some are blonde. I live for moments that make life that much better, no matter how big or small.

One of my most remembered [and slightly embarrassing] “aha!” moments was when I figured out my car’s windshield wipers are speed controlled—I had owned the car for three years at this point. It’s such a laughable thing, but it at that point in time, it was like a revelation.  I clearly remember the moment I got the phone call saying I had just landed my first big girl job out of college. I was in Target, cranky, irritated, and buying storage tubs to pack up my things to move out of my apartment. I got a call from an unknown number [which I don’t normally answer], but for some reason I did that day. Let’s just say that phone call put me in a better mood, and I suddenly didn’t care that I had to pack up my things and move. It’s times like these that make life that much better, and I want to share some of those moments with you.

Happy reading.


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