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Happy 2012!

January 5, 2012

I know this post is about six days late, but who’s counting…right?

I was able to bring in the new year surrounded by some of my favorite people and closest friends here St. Louis. The night was celebrated with the help of sparkly dresses, cocktails, dancing, and of course, a kiss from Tim at midnight. So I just thought I’d share a couple pictures from our night of celebrating—Tim and myself in our matching hats, and then my BFF Chelsea and me in our sparkly dresses. It’s always nice to be able to surround yourself with good people that you enjoy and help you make the most of life.

Even though 2011 wasn’t all that exciting, it definitely had its great moments. Like…getting engaged (and kicking wedding planning’s butt), a few work accomplishments, turning another year older, running my first half marathon, and being able to spend Christmas with my family in Nebraska. So here’s a great 2012 🙂


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