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Fireplace Makeover Pt 1

August 4, 2011

So our fireplace no longer looks like this…

I was getting tired of how dark and outdated the fireplace looked, which made everything else in the living/dining room area look dark and outdated. So I decided it was time to do something about it. I painted it white.

I’ve done more work to the fireplace since I’ve taken this picture, but I still have a couple things left to do before I post pictures of the end result. The other things left to do include more paint and a new, round mirror. Tim loves the oversized rectangular mirror, but I think it’s too dark and bulky now that the fireplace is white. If he lets me spray paint it a brushed nickel color I may be open to keeping it, but I really think a round mirror is what needs to go there instead.

I love the thought of having a sunburst mirror there, but not a super traditional sunburst mirror. One with a bit more fun to it. Kind of like these…

Twig Mirror from West Elm

Or this DIY sunburst mirror made from paint sticks

But I also love the idea of having some sort of nautical twist. The wall behind the fireplace is blue, so a nautical theme could slowly make its way into the room.

I found this DIY rope mirror that I’m in love with

Some sort of reclaimed wood to surround the mirror—this one is huge, but on a smaller scale it could work.

Or perhaps a simple round mirror will do.

Tribeca mirror from Target. It may be a bit dark, but the general size and style of it I like.

Malachy mirror from Crate and Barrel. This one may be a bit too shiny, but I love the wide rim around the mirror.

I’m pretty excited to get it finished. However, it makes me want to completely redecorate the entire front room area.


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