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Fall 2016

December 18, 2016

Our fall was a full one, naturally. Every season is, right? So here was our fall in a nutshell…

• After getting back from Europe, we met up with my family in the Ozarks for a long weekend. Golfing, boating, shopping, eating and pool time. All the necessities of a good vacation at the Ozarks.

• There was quite a bit of hiking. With running taking a back seat, I made sure to get out and hike as much as I could this fall. Everyone knows that fall hiking is the best. Cooler temps, changing of the leaves…should I keep going?

• I was thrown two really great baby showers, including one back in Nebraska. Little Miss (as we’re referring to her as) sure is loved! Can I also say how obsessed I am with this cake?!

• Tim and  a couple friends completed the Bike MS (formally known as the MS 150). I was suppose to ride, but the doctor said “No way, José!” to that. Road biking and trail running were the two main activities I was told “No” to because there are several factors that make it unsafe for pregnant ladies. You know…like falling.

• Tim and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary. I sent him pink roses and chocolates. Reversing gender roles one anniversary at a time.

• I voted in my first ever Presidential election! I’ve been able to the last couple of elections as well, but I just never did.

• There’s been plenty of baby related things, too. Classes, appointments, interviewing pediatricians, setting up the nursery, purchasing a few remaining items, washing everything.

• We’ve also tried to make the most of these last few months with just the two of us–date nights, weddings, parties and holidays with friends, sleeping in. Things are going to change soon, so we’re soaking it in as much as we can!

I’m looking forward to the holidays over the next couple weeks, winding down at the office, and eventually my first glass of wine since April!


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