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Extra Thankful this Holiday Season

December 15, 2016


Apparently it’s been the year of random breaks from blog world. Usually stemming from being busy at work and life in general. And this time we’ve added one more item to the list of reasons to be busy…a baby!

Well, the baby hasn’t been born yet but we’re expecting her (yes, a girl!) arrival within the next few weeks.

I found out back in late April that I was pregnant just two days before leaving for San Francisco. Tim said it was the best news ever. I had this gut feeling from the beginning that we would be having a girl and even had a couple dreams with a little girl in it. Lo and behold, we found out that bebe was in fact going to be a girl! We waited a couple months to tell our friends and family, revealing it at the baby showers. It was a really great way to share the news with everyone at once and see their reactions.

Thankfully my pregnancy has been pretty normal with no complications. I had some all day nausea, food aversions and fatigue in my first trimester, but still managed to run my half marathon that I had already been training for. Second trimester really is the best like most women say! You aren’t huge yet and you get your energy and appetite back. I’m glad we switched our trip to Europe to go during that time. Third trimester still has been fairly easy. Sadly I had to stop running at 26-ish weeks because of terrible round ligament pain and pelvic pressure, but I’m still walking, going to prenatal yoga and other strength training workouts. I will say that putting on tennis shoes has started to become a bit difficult. And kind of hilarious to watch.

I’ve been working on the nursery here and there this fall. There’s a little bit left to do and then I plan on taking photos to share. It’s still a little strange to walk into our third bedroom (once an office) and see a crib.

So we are both feeling a little more thankful this holiday season. It won’t be long until we’re officially a family of three!


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