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Darn Weather

February 1, 2011

Growing up in the Midwest, you get used to the crazy weather patterns that happen. The humidity, the thunderstorm, and of course…snow. We are getting our third [or fouth?] snow storm of the winter. Except this time it’s a three day ice-storm-turned-white-out-blizzard storm. It started with freezing rain all day yesterday, which has turned into sleet, and now we’re waiting for the snow and the 40 mph winds. Joy. Parts of the city to the north has already started seeing snowfall, and it’s suppose to start here in soon. The predicted snowfall? Only 8-20 inches. Actually, that’s quite a bit for one day. So, I’m working from home today. Yes, I may have grown up with lots of snow, but having to now live with ice is a completely different story. Snow can be fun. Ice is never fun. Unless you’re at an ice skating rink, that is.

At 8 AM there was almost a quarter inch of ice on the windshield of my car.



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