Coming Out of Hibernation

April 8, 2015

I’ve taken a break from running the last couple of winters, and it has seriously been the best thing.


I’ve always enjoyed running in lower temps. I’m basically a sweaty mess whenever I run no matter the temperature, so why not stay cooler in the mean time. St. Louis has pretty mild winters compared to what I grew up with in Nebraska, and I don’t mind putting on my cold weather gear for a run. So when I signed up to do the GO! St. Louis Half Marathon back in April 2013, I knew I would have to train during the winter. That meant sucking it up and not backing out because of the weather conditions. I trained for my first half marathon in 8 weeks, but that time I gave myself 10 weeks for cushion. I tromped through snow and almost ate it a few times on ice, but I did it.

And that was basically the last time I was a dedicated runner through the winter.

Since that race, my knees started giving me issues and I got burnt out on running. Heck, I didn’t even like to talk about running. So to help with all of that, I’ve taken the last two winters off from running. I found other ways to be active (like using a bike trainer) and going for a run once or twice a month during the winter, but for the most part I just don’t run. They say that winter miles make summer/fall PR’s (or something like that), but I’ve proven to myself that I can PR without winter running. Sure it may take me a bit to get my speed back up, but I don’t mind.

I’m not really sure where I’m taking this post, but I do know that I am so ready to get back out there to swim, bike and run. This year feels different and I can’t pinpoint why, but it’s good. I have really started to take a liking to triathlons (open water ones specifically) and am slated to do two this summer. I actually had wanted to do my first Olympic/international distance triathlon this summer and even signed up for it, but saw that the bike portion was being cut down due to road construction. Whomp whomp. However, I’m ready to get back in the pool to do more/different drills this year. (Thanks mom for forcing me to be in swim team growing up.) I finally have my own “Megan-sized” road bike. I’m even looking forward to going to speed camp again this summer and getting back into doing more races.

Sometimes it’s hibernating and/or taking a break to get re-energized about something you really care and get excited about.


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