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February 8, 2015

The thing I love about the internet is how I come across random articles and discover new things I find interesting. I always feel like I need to share these, along with my two cents sometimes, but never really do. So every now and again I’m just going to do a post with a bunch of random links!

• This article about two types of women (red or white wine drinkers) is so far from being correct for myself. I’m a red wine drinker 98% of the time and only half of the red wine characteristics apply to me.

• And then there’s this article about lady whiskey drinkers. I’ll give my dad credit for me taking a liking to whiskey. Though, I enjoy Canadian or Rye whiskeys much more than a bourbon whiskey. It’s still whiskey! My favorite part of this article: “A whiskey drinker is an old soul with fresh eyes. She can show you how to find the magic in an ordinary day.”

• And while we’re talking about drinking, the most romantic restaurants in St. Louis. Trying out Sidney Street Cafe and Taste have been at the top of my list for quite some time.

• This article about things to stop saving and start enjoying spoke to me. I have a hard time burning candles because I don’t want them to get all used up! Guess I’ll try and be better at that.

• I need to up my ab crunching game. Whoa.

• Great reminder for fellow designers on what to consider when designing a logo.

• And lastly, the how to pick the perfect pineapple. Because I can never tell.


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