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Caught My Eye No. 7

May 28, 2015


I should be working right now. Seriously. I have a 3:00 meeting for a project I’m just not into, so I’m doing this instead. Oops?

• We’re listening to a playlist at work inspired by our favorite pop-punk and emo bands from the 2000’s. It’s so good.

• I ordered this Sun Safety kit. I just wish it would have arrived before going to the Ozarks last weekend. I got a bit red.

• A friend and old coworker was interviewed for this article. Keep killing it, Steve.

120 Tips for Being a Successful Graphic Designer. Welcome to basically every day of life for me.

• I’ve been working on a personal side project for months now, but haven’t had time to finish it. Soon.

• I’m really tempted to get Global Entry. I don’t do a ton of international trips, but who wouldn’t want that bragging right?

• This is what the inside of my dream house looks like. Every single room.

• And lastly… We’re thinking about going to Barcelona when we go to Europe in 2016. So, I’ll be doing plenty of research. This cheat sheet is a great place to start.

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