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Caught My Eye No. 5

April 3, 2015

Whoa, hello April! We’re up visiting my family for Easter weekend. We’re here for like 48 hours, and of course I felt the need to pack 5 pairs of shoes.


• House progress! We’re finally getting that pesky door under our stairs in the basement done. We picked up five of these stackable shelves to help organize everything we’ve been storing in that space. It’s the little things that make me happy.

• We have officially signed a contract to totally re-landscape our front yard! Because this has been on our to-do list for probably three years. Nothing is staying. Well, except our giant oak tree…that guy is staying. I also planting more of these guys in our garden again this year.

This is basically what Tim’s diet would consist of if I didn’t feed him. “Butter cocaine pie”

• 98% of the time I bring my lunch to work, but when I don’t it’s the hardest decision I will make all day.

• There were lots of April Fools jokes happening on the interwebs, but this was my favorite. BECAUSE I WANT ONE!

• I’ve been looking for a new graphic tee and am thinking about ordering this one, because it’s how I feel every Monday.

• I love basically every necklace from Elisabeth Ashlie and ordered this one in gold.

This hair tutorial makes me want to grow my hair back out. Maybe by ACL time, it will be long enough.

Happy Easter weekend!


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