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Caught My Eye No. 2

February 15, 2015

Happy Sunday! This week flew by and the weekend went by even quicker. My sister and her boyfriend came down—we froze our butts off at Mardi Gras for a bit.


• Speaking of siblings, sometimes it sucks being a middle child—I would know. But finally, there’s been some positive research done about middle children. Apparently we’re more likely to be successful, leave home, and hear both sides of an argument. Oh, and some other characteristics that don’t apply to me.

• My goal this year is to learn how to dance like Kim from Matt & Kim.

• There was a brand guideline created for Santa, and now there’s one for Cupid.

• I’ve started learning calligraphy. I like it, but I’m also finding it restricting. So I’m going to try it with a brush vs a calligraphy pen and nib.

• We may not have kids, but I find this article about having a pet before kids sad. I can’t image not having my cat or our dog. She needs to have more love in her heart.

• We finally got a waffle iron, so now I may order this book.

• I’ve been wanting a black and white striped dress for quite some time and almost bought this dress at Target the other day. I think I want something more casual, though.

• And finally, I’ve been looking looking at a new couch for the living room. I would really like to have a sleeper sofa. But until then, I may try this solution for slouchy cushions. The dog is to blame for the back cushions.


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