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Caught My Eye No. 11

October 8, 2015

Life has truly been hectic the last 6 weeks or so. It’s been pretty nonstop and the forecast for October looks the same. Sorry, blog.


I went to the Taylor Swift concert with my BFF last week. This is our fourth time seeing her together, which means it’s tradition at this point. Full recap coming soon.

It’s October. Which, to St. Louisans, that means it’s “Red October.” aka: baseball playoff season. #GoCards

I put a new project up in my portfolio. I’m pretty proud of it.

I plugged my Nike+ in last weekend to upload all of my summer runs only to find that it hasn’t recorded anything since the beginning of June. I was fuming to say the least. I’m taking that as a sign to finally get a watch. I’m looking at this one.

I got talked into do running this 15K in December. Maybe that calls for new cold weather gear, too.

St. Louis’ IKEA finally opened! Tim and I ventured there for a whopping 20 minutes. We needed just a couple specific things and didn’t want to deal with the crowds. I like to think that’s how Ikea veterans shop.

I want this room in my house. Every. Single. Item.

The funniest video about all things fall. I have to agree with some things—like the pumpkin and apple pie points.

Wardrobe goals.

And lastly, this fig tart sounds amazing.


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