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Stridebox – Feb ’16

February 20, 2016

Oh hey, February (and almost March). We’ve had a couple REALLY nice weekends this winter. We normally do, and then the weather changes by 40 degrees the next day. It’s in the mid-70’s today, which I took full advantage of and went running this morning. Half marathon training starts in 2 weeks!


GU Energy Gel: GU is a brand that’s regularly sent by Stridebox, and we’re okay with this! I don’t love gels, but this Cucumber Mint flavor has me super intrigued. This flavor has caffeine.
Value: $1.45
Vegan, Gluten free

Detour Simple Protein Bar: I love when Stridebox sends protein bars! This one has 20g of protein and only 4g of sugar-so it checks off some personal requirements for a good protein bar. The chocolate caramel flavor sounds good, too.
Value: $2.00
Gluten free, Whey Protein

Bumbleroot Superfood Hydration Mix: This hydration mix is made with Baobab, monkfruit and dried coconut water to bring you electrolytes and antioxidants. I love getting hydration mixes and this one is lemongrass flavor.
Value: $2.00
Made with organic ingredients

Honey Stinger Gluten Free Waffle: Honey Stinger is another brand Stridebox sends out fairly often and it’s a brand that we love. We really like their waffles as a quick snack before or after a workout. I don’t worry about cutting gluten out of my diet, so that doesn’t matter so much to me. The cinnamon flavor is a win, though.
Value: $1.50
Gluten free

ThinkSport Shampoo & Body Wash: Nothing feels better than a refreshing shower after a good workout (and maybe food), so this is a great addition to the box. I don’t normally use 2-in-1 shower products like this, but I’ll still give it a go. They also donate 10% of orders to one of five charities!
Value: $0.35

Doc Spartan Combat Ready Ointment: At first I thought this was chapstick, but nope! It’s an ointment used to help heal scrapes, cuts, blisters and chaffing. The lid has a clip if you wanted to attach it to something, too. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t like using Neosporin because of how goopy it is, so this will be a great alternative.
Value: $5.00

LED Flashing Slap Bracelet: Stridebox has sent out a variety of light-up wearables, and while they’re certainly appreciated… I’m starting to have a collection of them. It has two different flashing states and a solid state.
Value: $8.00

I’m really happy with this month’s box! I can’t wait to chow down and try these products.


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Stridebox – Jan ’16

January 16, 2016

Hello new year! 2016 is getting off on an interesting foot. We’ll see where this year goes. I’m signing up for a trail half marathon slated for May. I believe this is the inaugural race for this particular one. I hadn’t planned on doing a half marathon this spring, but a trail one? Sure, why not!


Bite Fuel Granola Tail Mix: I really like this addition! I often eat Greek yogurt as my mid-morning snack so this will be perfect to add. It has 10 grams of protein with each serving.
No: soy, GMOs, trans fats, preservatives, corn syrup

Liquid I.V.: Hydration mixes are a staple in Strideboxes, and always welcomed for me. This new product claims to use Cellular Transport Technology to deliver hydration 2-3X faster.

3M Reflective Shoelaces: Backup shoe laces are always a great thing to have on hand.

Run Gum: Run Gum was featured in a previous box and I loved it! I was chewing some when I set my new 1 mile PR this summer. This flavor – cinnamon – is new. I don’t love cinnamon flavored gum, but that probably won’t stop me from using this.

Picky Bars: Stridebox can send me all the Picky Bars they want because I love them. Ah, Fudge Nuts! sounds like a flavor I’m going to love.
Vegan, No: Gluten, dairy, soy, GMOs

NoGii: This is a new-to-me product. It’s a pocket-sized treat with 9 grams of protein. I love snacks like this that I can throw in my purse or in my desk drawer.
Gluten free

Mixer Ball: I received an email saying there was going to be a little something extra in my box this month. It turned out to be a mixer ball. Great for helping mix up protein and hydration shakes.
Value: $3.00

I think the first Stridebox of 2016 is really great. I loved that it had more snack products. Being winter, slacking on the nutrition front is easy to do. So these snack are much better options to have around.


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Stride box: Dec ’15

December 12, 2015

I’m having a hard time believing it’s December. I went for a run this morning and it was 60 degrees out! I wore shorts! The weather here as been so weird lately. Less than a week ago I was wearing cold weather gear. It is the midwest after all. I’m doing a 15K race tomorrow. I’m not going for a specific time, but instead to just enjoy the race and have a fun time. Next year though…it’s on.


Bonk Breaker Bar: I love the Bonk Breakers brand. This salted caramel flavor is new for the energy bar lineup and I’m really excited about chowing down on this. It has 330 mg of electrolytes in the bar and made with pronounceable ingredients.
Value: $2.00
Gluten free, contains nut products

Glukos Energy Gummies: Stridebox sent Glukos’ energy gel/sport drink back in May, so now I’ll get to try the gummies. Gummies are my favorite, and they’re fruit punch flavor. Win for me. It claims “2x energy, 2x faster” so we’ll see if it’s true! These gummies recently made the 2015 Runner’s World Gear of the Year list.
Value: $2.00
Vegan, No: HFCS, artificial sweeteners or colors, dairy, soy, gluten, caffeine

Hammer Energy Gel: A great staple brand/product for active people. You can take it straight from the package, or even mix it with water if you don’t love gels.
Value: $1.20
Gluten free, vegan

Sword Drink Mix: This is a newer brand to the market created by two guys looking for a better, more effective hydration product. It gets great reviews. I designate one of my bottles to a drink mix when I cycle, so this will be great to try out.
Value: $2.25

LED Light Up Shoe Heel Clip: I love that this was included. With limited daylight hours during the winter, you need ways of being seen. This light can either be continuous/solid or flashing. I haven’t tested it out yet, but it will great for anyone behind me.
Value: $10.00 (Similar ones go for $10-25 on Amazon)

Sant Superfruit Beverage: This is a new product that consists of dried fruit that you drop into your water. You can let the fruit infuse overnight for a cold beverage, or instantly in a hot beverage. The garcinia indica fruit claims to have 5x more antioxidants than kale, promotes digestion, improves sleep, strengthens your heart and several more benefits.
Value: $.90
Organically grown and sun-dried

Hex Performance Laundry Detergent: Laundry detergent developed to eliminate odors in sports equipment and tech clothes. I like using sport specific laundry detergent with my active clothing because I feel like it works better, so I really like this being included. It has a money back guarantee when you buy a full sized pouch.
Value: $.35
No dies or perfumes

I loved this month’s box. It had a great variety of products and brands (as usual). The shoe clip and detergent are great additions, too. I would highly suggest Stridebox as a Christmas gift any runner or cyclist in your life. It has been my favorite subscription box ever.


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Stridebox – Nov ’15

November 25, 2015

With the holiday season (aka “eating lots of food season”) starting now, I’m going to have to be good about getting out and running or even getting my bike set up on the trainer. Insert Stridebox delivery full of goodies and it’s a match made in heaven.

(I completely missed doing a review of October’s Stridebox because life was so hectic, but to be honest it wasn’t one of my favorite boxes.)

Chocolate #9: A two ingredient gel in Chocolate Agave flavor. It says to be “slo-burn” energy and is the only certified low glycemic energy gel on the market. I’m iffy on gels, but I’m normally good with chocolate ones–it’s like dessert!
Value: $2.00
Vegan, low fat

Fuel 100 Electro-bites: These guys are calorie and electrolyte replacement bites. They’re a great alternative to bars, gummies and/or gels. They were “designed specifically for endurance athletes to help extend training and improve race performance.” Can’t wait to try these out.
Value: $2.00
Gluten free, soy free

Four Points Nutrition Bar: I LOVE getting nutrition/snack/protein bars in my Stridebox! These bars are created from raw, natural ingredients like plums, figs, apples, nuts, seeds, etc. I received the apple cinnamon flavor, which is perfect for fall. A lot of times raw bars have a weird texture, but this one didn’t. It was chewy and quite filling, though.
Value: $3.00
Made with raw ingredients

CogniTea Energy Tea: I’m a hot tea drinker in the winter, so I also like getting tea samples. This tea is suppose to help clear your mind and focus, and has mint flavor. Perfect to use while at work.
Value: $1.25

GU Energy Chews: Stridebox sent GU energy chews back in May, and I’m totally okay with getting another flavor to try out! I love gummies. I’m a bit unsure about the salted caramel apple flavor, but I’m excited to try out anyway.
Value: $1.30

Volvo Vitamins Energy Drink Mix: Adding powder mixes to your water is such an easy way to get an extra boost of vitamins, minerals, energy, etc. I love it when I we get two flavors (citrus and berry) of a product to try, too.
Value: $2.00 ($1.00/each)
All-natural, no: artificial flavors, sweeteners, dairy, soy, gluten, sugar

Water Resistant Shoe/Gear Bag: This is one of those items that I would never think of buying, but is great to have. The bag expands a ton—I could easily fit shoes, nutrition items and even a rolled up shirt. Great for throwing stuff into after an event or trail running. I do wish the handle was a bit sturdier or thicker, though.
Value: $10
Similar bag on Amazon

Compared to October’s box, this was a great improvement. I really liked the variety and the new-to-me products. I have some longer runs coming up with my 15K race quickly approaching in a few weeks, so I’m pretty excited to try some of the items I got this months.


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Stridebox – Sept ’15

September 20, 2015

Over the summer I had decided that I wouldn’t be doing any fall races this year. I wasn’t going to have the time to devote to training because I’m traveling quite a bit and am gone almost every weekend until Thanksgiving. Fall races are the best, so I was a bit bummed.

Well, somehow I got talked into signing up for a 15K run in December. At just over 9 miles, it’s a distance I’ve done before, just not during the winter. I was actually thinking about doing another 12 races in 12 months like I did a couple years ago, so maybe this will just be the jump start of that.


GoMacro Macrobar: I love getting snack bars in Stridebox. This is a mini size at 0.9 ounces, where a normal bar is 2+ ounces. I can’t find this specific bar online, but I liked the PB & chocolate chip flavor.
Value: $1.00
Vegan, gluten free, macrobiotic, certified organic, non-GMO

Everlast Fuel: A powder mix with antioxidants, amino acids and electrolytes in a citrus flavor.
Value: $1.35

Ryte Fuel: Protein powders are another favorite item to get in my box. However, this one doesn’t quite meet the standards I have for protein powders. It’s only 15 grams (I prefer 20 or more), and the carbs : protein ratio isn’t quite there either. I still think it’s a good low-cal protein powder choice to add to smoothies.
Value: $4
Whey protein, non GMO, no artificial sweeteners/colors, gluten free

Sneaker Balls: I would have never even thought of purchasing something like this, so I love that these were included! The box smelled good before I even opened it. One ball is going into Tim’s soccer bag.
Value: $5 / 2-pack

Clif Organic Energy Food: A new offering from Clif, this product is geared towards long-duration activities. It’s a liquid that’s made of real food. I got the banana beet with ginger flavor, which I’m super intrigued about. This could come in handy for the 15k I’m doing or for triathlon training.
Value: $2.30
USDA organic, gluten free

Sweat X Sport Detergent: I think this is another great non-edible addition to the box. The detergent’s formula is designed to remove sweat smells, tough stains (mud, grass, clay, blood) and harmful bacteria.
Value: $3.40

Met-RX Electrolyte Gummies: Gummies are my go-to item for longer training days, so I love this being included. The dark cherry flavor is one I could get on board with, too.
Value: $1.80
gluten free

Calsura Calcium Supplements: Each packet contains two tablets that get dropped into your water, giving you 50% of your daily requirements of calcium and vitamin D. The packaging also mentions magnesium.
Value: $2.50 for the trial 3 pack
No added sugars, colors or preservatives

This Stridebox is one of my favorites. There was such a great variety of products included with this month’s box, and I will use every item. I can’t recommend Stridebox enough for active people!


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Stridebox – August ’15

August 15, 2015

Summer is winding down, but the heat hasn’t let up. Well the heat has maybe just a bit, but the humidity hasn’t. So besides dealing with the humidity, I’ve have to deal with losing my voice, getting my voice back along with an annoying cough for over a week, and then a spat of food poisoning. So getting my Stridebox in the mail kind of made my last two weeks.


First Endurance EFS Pro Cucumber Water Hydration Mix: This brand is new to me and I like cucumber flavored water, so win for me! It claims to be a “state-of-the-art endurance and hydration formulation…” This a huge sample—the package says it’s equivalent to three scoops of the product intended to be used with 12 oz of water.
Value: $2.10/packet

Amrita Energy Bar: Raw, plant based and full of super foods. I got the apricot strawberry flavor. The texture was a bit odd, but the flavor was good.
Value: $2.25 / Can buy 2 bars for $3 on website.
Gluten, dairy, peanut and soy free

Crank Sports e-Gel: First energy gel to provide 5x the sodium and twice the potassium compared to other energy gels. The website compares this gel to basically all other major gel brands, which is neat to check out. The “mountain rush” flavor makes me think of Mountain Dew or lemon-lime…guess I’ll see if I’m right!
Value: $1.55
Gluten free

Pure Clean Organic Beet Juice Powder: The nutrients and nitrate of beet juice in dried powder form. “Nitrates in beet juice have been shown to boost power output without changing oxygen consumption.” I don’t care for beets, but I’ll still try this out.
Value: $1.65

Doctor Hoy’s Pain Relief Gel: A natural anti-inflammatory pain relieving gel than can be used on your back, neck, muscle aches, sprains, joints strains and more.
Value: $.60
Natural, water-based, contains no oils or petroleum

SportTea: Made with green tea, vitamin C, electrolytes and Siberian Eleuthero Root, this tea is formulated for active people. I’m a tea drinker in the colder months, so I’ll be interested in trying it out.
Value: $.50 (can get a free sample from their website)

Honey Stinger Energy Chews: Honey Stinger is a favorite brand, so it was nice to see these included. This is a new flavor—grapefuit.
Value: $2.25

All Good Sunstick: A natural screen with SPF 30 meant for your face, ears and more. I wish it had a higher SPF, but this will be great to throw in my bag or car instead of a big bottle.
Value: $8

I really liked this month’s box! I wish I would have received the sun screen earlier in the summer, but it’s great to have now. My second triathlon is next weekend, so I’m looking forward to using some of these items in the coming week.