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It’s Happening Now…Go!

April 13, 2011

AIGA has put together an event called “One Day for Design” and it is blowing up on Twitter [which is a good thing.] So many topics about design that need to be discussed are actually being brought forth! I’m actually really excited about this. So go and join in on the conversation.

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Draw Your Face Off

March 21, 2011

That’s what Ernie [from Denver] will kindly do for you. You submit a picture of yourself to Draw Your Face Off’s website, he does an original illustration [extra “awesomeness” included] and you receive the framed illustration of yourself about two weeks later. The extra “awesomeness” is what Ernie thinks that person should look like and adds a bit of flare to the illustration. This means you could come back with fairy wings, tattoos, or even as a robot.  All of this for only $34. I mean, how cool is this?

I’m sensing some fun gifts in the future…

Draw Your Face Off—m.


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Don’t be a Comic Sans Criminal.

March 1, 2011

I came across the website Comic Sans Criminal last night and thought it was fantastic. Not only does the site feature great typography, it tells you why the [ugly] font Comic Sans exists and how it should and more importantly shouldn’t be used [as in never.] Maybe you want to let someone close to you know to stop using the font? The website allows you to send a note to that person to “teach them a lesson” about font in hopes that they stop using it.

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Sukan Pillows

February 6, 2011

Pillows with birds [especially owls] always catch my eye. Not really sure why, though—maybe it’s how simple the silhouette of the bird can get or even the playfulness and the sense of youth it can bring to almost anything? Birds hit their prime 1-2 years ago when they were considered a design trend. I think they’re past being included graphic design, and have moved into home furnishing and decorations. Maybe that’s a past design trend too….?

Either way, I think these pillows are adorable. They’re from the Sukan Etsy Shop, which features hand embroidered, fabric cushion covers. With lots of birds and owls! Though the seller is based in Europe, they ship anywhere for a small shipping charge of $8.00 [which is less than the majority of domestic shipping charges from other websites.] The shop features more than bird inspired pillow covers, there’s much more! Here’s just a few of my favorite pillows.

Birds Pillow Cover $55


Birds Pillow Cover $55


Hand Embroidered Owl Pillow Cover $45


Kite Pillow Cover $39.95

All images from Sukan’s shop.




January 31, 2011

I came across the works of Silva/Bradshaw this morning, and pretty much fell in love. Silva/Bradshaw is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded by artists and designers Matthew Bradshaw and Sergio Silva. Based out of Brooklyn, Silva/Bradshaw “designs and produces conceptually driven objects, informed by a shared passion for technology and materials.” Their line of jewelry is what originally caught my eye, but the rest of their work is just as gorgeous.

Sfero Ring/Pendant $33-$150

Sfero Ring/Pendant

Asa Ring $25-$270

Bulb Bowls: A series of glass bowls derived from the geometry of broken light bulbs

Circle/Circle Tray


Cue Photography: Joshua Wolitzky
Jewelry Photography: Phoebe Streblow