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Bedroom Inspiration

September 5, 2014

Progress in our bedroom has been slow-going after I repainted it earlier this summer. I did rearrange the furniture back to how it was prior to painting, though. Oh, and I did buy a new mirror! I’m going with a green, navy and white color scheme with dark wood. It’s actually a lot harder than I thought trying to find the right pieces that I like for a reasonable price.


When I was looking to buy a new dresser, I was trying to convince Tim to let me get a white one but he was really against it. So instead I’m looking to get white nightstands. I really like the look of white nightstands with a dark headboard. However, I’m having a hard time finding white nightstands that I like. They’re either not the right dimensions, the wrong price or horrible reviews. So I think we’re actually going to build some this winter!

Here are the rest of some bedrooms that I’m pulling inspiration from—they’re all a bit different!


Bedroom To Do
• Paint
• Lamps (still need to get a matching one for Tim)
• Dresser
• Mirror
• Nightstands
• Bed linens (pillow covers, throw blanket)
• Rug
• Paint something
• Hang other decor items (framed pictures from wedding, hanging plant, etc.)


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Home, Inspiring

Sukan Pillows

February 6, 2011

Pillows with birds [especially owls] always catch my eye. Not really sure why, though—maybe it’s how simple the silhouette of the bird can get or even the playfulness and the sense of youth it can bring to almost anything? Birds hit their prime 1-2 years ago when they were considered a design trend. I think they’re past being included graphic design, and have moved into home furnishing and decorations. Maybe that’s a past design trend too….?

Either way, I think these pillows are adorable. They’re from the Sukan Etsy Shop, which features hand embroidered, fabric cushion covers. With lots of birds and owls! Though the seller is based in Europe, they ship anywhere for a small shipping charge of $8.00 [which is less than the majority of domestic shipping charges from other websites.] The shop features more than bird inspired pillow covers, there’s much more! Here’s just a few of my favorite pillows.

Birds Pillow Cover $55


Birds Pillow Cover $55


Hand Embroidered Owl Pillow Cover $45


Kite Pillow Cover $39.95

All images from Sukan’s shop.