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Bedroom Inspiration

September 5, 2014

Progress in our bedroom has been slow-going after I repainted it earlier this summer. I did rearrange the furniture back to how it was prior to painting, though. Oh, and I did buy a new mirror! I’m going with a green, navy and white color scheme with dark wood. It’s actually a lot harder than I thought trying to find the right pieces that I like for a reasonable price.


When I was looking to buy a new dresser, I was trying to convince Tim to let me get a white one but he was really against it. So instead I’m looking to get white nightstands. I really like the look of white nightstands with a dark headboard. However, I’m having a hard time finding white nightstands that I like. They’re either not the right dimensions, the wrong price or horrible reviews. So I think we’re actually going to build some this winter!

Here are the rest of some bedrooms that I’m pulling inspiration from—they’re all a bit different!


Bedroom To Do
• Paint
• Lamps (still need to get a matching one for Tim)
• Dresser
• Mirror
• Nightstands
• Bed linens (pillow covers, throw blanket)
• Rug
• Paint something
• Hang other decor items (framed pictures from wedding, hanging plant, etc.)


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