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Adios, 2015.

December 31, 2015

Dear 2015,
You were definitely an active year. We accomplished, experienced and just did a lot. I’ve been able to create a lot of memories that I hope to continuously look back on for years to come. You also brought some heartache, and even kicked our butts. You reminded us of what is important and to not take advantage of things. Everything aside, I’d say that you were a pretty decent year.

2015 was the year of domestic travel for us. Though not all were glamorous vacations, it’s still nice to leave St. Louis even if it is just for a weekend.

We visited Tim’s brother in Florida and went to a couple spring training ball games.
I got to experience my first all-inclusive trip to Mexico with 10 of our really good friends.

Austin City Limits was such a fun experience.
Then there was our normal Memorial Day weekend trip to the Lake of the Ozarks. In October, we headed to Nashville to watch Mizzou play Vanderbilt. I also went to Nebraska a total of 6 or 7 times in 2015. (I’ve honestly lost track.)

On the Home Front
After living in our house for 5.5 years, we have completed the majority of the larger projects on our to-do list. We still have a couple left and I know there will be smaller ones to do (I’m looking at the main bathroom), but I’m happy with where our home is.

We finally checked landscaping off our to-do list!

I also re-did our bedroom and we finished a small project in the basement.

Running & Cycling
I would say my 2015 was not as active as my 2014 when looking back on my races, but I needed that break. I participated in summer speed work, and just a few races. I did the New Town Triathlon and placed 6th in my age group. I was in the middle of the Lake Saint Louis tri when it got cancelled due to weather. Most recently, I did the Hot Chocolate 15K.

I also did the Freedom 4 Miler on the 4th of July and a 3 mile turkey trot on Thanksgiving. My running pace fell this year, but I’m excited to get back to it in 2016. What I am proud of though, is really using the road bike I got for Christmas last year. I feel like my cycling improved A TON! Oh, and I became a Stridebox Ambassador!

Other Highlights
– Paying off my student loans!
– Checking out the Chain of Rocks Bridge
– Getting visitors! We love when people come visit and stay with us.
– Saw several concerts, including Taylor Swift for the 4th time.
– Attended 7 weddings, including my brother’s.

Looking towards 2016
This next year is ramping up to be a good year. I’m thinking about doing 12 races in 12 months again, and am really going to work on my speed. I received a Garmin watch for Christmas, so I’ll finally have some accurate real-time stats to check out. I really want to place in the top three in my age group at New Town this summer.

The amount of travel is going to be minimal in 2016, but that’s because we’re headed to Europe! I’m heading back out to San Francisco in the spring, while Tim is headed to Germany to visit a friend who has recently moved there. Then Tim and I are headed to Europe for a couple weeks in the fall. I’m so incredibly excited to be going back.

I’m really looking forward to what 2016 brings. Hoping for more adventures, accomplishments and memories.

Adios, 2015.


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