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30 Before 30: #24 Donate My Hair = Done!

September 12, 2014

Warning: there are low-res selfies in this post.

Up until two days ago, my hair was the longest it’s been in probably six years. I’ve been growing it out for the last year and a half with the intentions of donating it. I’ve never donated hair before, but I’ve always thought it’s such a great thing to do. After doing some research on the different programs out there, I decided to go with Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program. And without hesitation at my hair appointment earlier this week, I said “Adios!” to 9 inches of hair.


During my research I discovered how 80% of hair that’s donated doesn’t get used to make wigs, which surprised me. Actually, it kind of really bummed me out. Normally it’s due to the quality of hair that’s sent in because of some restrictions, but 80% is a huge percentage. I also learned that because there’s such a large amount of people from the US donating their hair, that it’s actually hurting the hair industry in other parts of the world. Who knew? I didn’t want those findings to stop me from donating my hair, though. The pros of possibly having my hair used in a wig for someone else definitely outweigh any cons.


I don’t have any decent photos of my hair before I cut it, but it’s still to my collar bones after being cut. It’s a good estimate that my hair was about halfway down my back. It’s so awesome only having to use half the amount of hair products now. I have an appointment at the end of October to add some color in my hair, which I haven’t done in probably eight years. I thought it was time for a little change in the hair department.


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